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Spring in Rails 4.1 and ST3

I always found a bit embarrassing to configure Spork gem or even use Zeus server to run my specs and features. But fortunately, a few weeks ago Rails 4.1 was released with Spring application preloader by default. I found really sweet because it is totally transparent for the developer and runs in the background the first time you use it.

I usually let Guard running in iTerm, but sometimes I like to run simple test from the editor and that’s why I use RubyTest plugin in Sublime Text. The cool thing is that you can change the command executed in: Preferences > Package Settings > RubyTest > Settings User and update it to use Spring.

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“run_rspec_command”: “spring rspec {relative_path}”,
“run_single_rspec_command”: “spring rspec {relative_path}:{line_number}”,

“run_cucumber_command”: “spring cucumber {relative_path} –no-color”,
“run_single_cucumber_command”: “spring cucumber {relative_path} –no-color”,


The future of JRuby

This was another talk at Baruco I really liked. Almost every ruby developer I know works with MRI, but we also should take into consideration other implementations such as JRuby or even Rubinius.

Once Upon a Time…

In 2013 I had the opportunity to listen one of the Github’s employees called Vicent Marti at Baruco (Barcelona Ruby Conference). I liked a lot his talk about the Ruby’s garbage collector and now the video is available on Youtube.



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