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Fixing Gephi on MacOSX

If you want to use the visualization software Gephi on Mac OSX, but it hangs on launch, luckily, there is a solution.

Just install this Java update from Apple:
Java for OS X 2014-001

Screenshot of gephi:

Vimari (Safari extension)

After years of trying to be faster and productive when developing, I have assimilated some keybindings to navigate on the operating system, the text editor or other applications.

However, for surfing the web, I felt I couldn’t browse the web in a productive manner without having to leave the position of my hands on the keyboard. Vimari helps me navigate as I do in Vim. Just press “/” and all the links will be highlighted. Press the letter associated to that links and you will be redirected to the target page.

Ulysses III

I’ve been using NVAlt the last years to store some knowledge in markdown style. I really recommend this app due to its simplicity, but in my case, when lists start to grow, I wanted to store this cheat sheets in a  better way.

So I recently acquired Ulysses III after testing the demo available on their site. This app is a serious tool for writers and although I’m not a writer, I found this app very useful for my purposes. It is flexible enough to let you store texts as you want, with a minimalistic design but still full of features.

I found it really useful to store information about projects in an easy way. All the texts available on Ulysses can be exported as a PDF applying some predefined styles or downloading more available on their site. Also, you can create your own to be more consistent with your company’s look and feel.

Ulysses III Website


Sketch 3 released!

I will start talking about an app that really helps in the making of an app or website. It allows you to create and group any kind of vectorial shapes. But what I really liked in the new version is the ability to create symbols and reuse them easily.

Also, you can found multiple kind of assets packs to work with, just ready to use:

Bootstrap 3 Vector UI Kit

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-26 a la(s) 00.09.41

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